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Con Paesaggio III
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Eastleach Martin
Life imitating Art VI
The Big Sister
Coral Grouper
Double Image
Today's Catch
200th Derby Stakes
Eastern Interior
Cambridge Interior
St Ives Interior
Window and Armchair
Noah's Ark
Due Ciliege
Life Room
Bradford on Avon Pastiche
Sky Light
Four Faces of Sydney (D)
Dark Sea
Profundita Vl
Ampio paesaggio
Ordine e caos
Allegria I
Gesammelle Zeit
The Temple of Minerva Medica
Three Matchboxes
Schwitters in Wonderland
Home From School
Peace Piece
Blue Sky Tulips
Reed Works II
Meadow Lane
Apple Day
The Actual Reed Bed
The Plan
Reed and Rust
Reed and Polluted
Orchard Close
The Stalker
Follow Me
Limone Grande
The Globe in 1599
Midsummer Night's Dream
Thames Reach
Temple Island (B)
Bath Interior
Sunflower solo
Roly Poly
Garlic (one)
Garlic (two bulbs)
Garlic (three bulbs)
The Looking Glass
Wise Man
Silent Sun
Hidden Valley
Old Mendip
Tightrope Act
David's Jacket
Double Crown
Bird of Prey
From Red
Autumn Will
Peas, Pods and Patience
Princess & Frog
Flowers in Oriental Pot
Babylon I
Babylon II
Brook Gallery
The Bash Street
I Love Shopping
A Stormy Trip
Setting Off
Riverside House
Pegasos Untamed
Jungle Puzzle
Now You See Me... Now You Don't
Run for Cover
The Frilly Skirt
Green Bathers
Indian Summer ll
Wotcha Cock
Pocket Money
The Truth
Gnasher Gno Cats
Billy Whizz
Waste Paper
Back Scratcher
Fete Champetre
1796 and All That
La Ronde
Mr Love Pants
I Love Paris
Our Sweet Love
Lover's Rock
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Tuesday Weld
Marriage a la Mode 5
Marriage a la Mode 6
Cooling Off
Lobster & Mackerel
Night Watch
Pink Paddlers
Summer Days
Secret Love
When Worlds Collide
An Actor's Life
Topless in Battersea
The Battle of San Romano
Mon Repos
Bone Idol
Defence of the Realm - Sausage & Crumpet
Salmon Smoked
Black Horse on Red
Do the Locomotion
Destination the Stars
Vegeatable Wars
Hand Mirror
A Child Is Born
Pipes & Boilers
The Golden Cat
Moonrise - Cornwall
Olive Pruning - Portugal
Iberian Moon
Burning Bush
The Last Elephant
Sketch for Spirit
Red Slash
Spirit (framed)
Open Book (framed)
Mindscape (framed)
Light Show
Con Paesaggio I
Con Paesaggio 4
Papaveri III
B 125
Italia Distante II
Alcedo Atthis
Cinque e Tre
La Promessa
Ribes 1
Profundita III
Ahead of the rest
Moving on
Dark Stones
Scintillate in Blue
Woman Pointing and Cat
Boy and Cat
Wendy and the Lost Boys
The Red Umbrella
Mary Mary Quite Contrary 2
The Bakers Wife (colour)2
Achira e
Goran Nasai
New Horizons VII
Duet III
Stone II
Stone IV
New Horizons X
New Horizons XI
Black Bird
Field Poppies
White Flowers
The Striped Jug
The Spotted Jug
A walk in the park
Cherries in a Silver Bowl
Pears in a Silver Bowl
Homage to the Square V
Aesop's Fables I
Untitled (Bloch 1617)
Untitled (Bloch 1807)
Untitled (Bloch 1692)
Untitled (Bloch 1774)
Untitled (Bloch 1605)
Untitled (Bloch 1627)
Untitled (Bloch 1631)
Untitled (Bloch 1688)
Untitled (Bloch 1566)
Untitled (Bloch 1626)
Untitled (Bloch 1597)
'Flight' Natural Disasters Series 2
A Rose for my Rose
Connections II (Exhib)
New York Skaters V
Calle a Luce III
New York Skaters VI
The Black Umbrella III
Homage To Puvis
Classic Motoring
The Skelephant Cometh
Nude I
Untitled By Mike Tingle
Diana and Exitman
Work In Progress
New Poussin
The Three Barbies
The Squall
Rock pool
Warm Front
Fire II
Down to the Woods
Bird Watcher
Wollaton Park
Open Book
Hot Sex (Yellow)
Hot Sex (Red)
Stetson Sunset
The Goal Keeper
On the Ball
Fear of the Spot
Room for a smoke
Chivas Rivas
Architectural Genes
Arch of Art
Horizontal Dawn
I will never go to heaven
Venus and Mars IV
Venus and Mars III
Yo Yo
Male Model
Little Bird
By Your Side
Safe Landing
Secret Dreams
Ed Laurens
Fine Art Bits
The Great Baily & Bray Head from Gaskin's Leap
Vico Road and Killiney Bay from Dalkey Hill
The Irish Sea Green
An Cuileann
Sapling, Dolkey Hill Woodland
Goosey Goosey Gander
Dance to your Daddy
Hickety Pickety
Rock a Bye Baby
Three Blind Mice
Rub a Dub Dub
School Room
Feeding Time
After Hogarth III
Boys & Pirates Fighting
Untitled 3
Old Woman who lived in a shoe
Girl Reading at a Window
He's a man
Band of Jays
Deceit of Lapwings
Fall of Woodcocks
Gaggle of Geese II
Hill of Ruffs
Irascibility of Robins
Jubilation of Songbirds
Knob of Pochards
Loomery of Guillemots
Nye of Pheasants II
Ostentation of Peacocks
Round of Wrens
Tiding of Magpies
Unkindness of Ravens I
Unkindness of Ravens II
Walk of Wagtails
Xylographica of Bewick's Birds
Yattering of Choughs
Zephyr of Long-tailed Tit Mice I
Cuckoo Egg
Dry Leaves
Coot Chick
Lapwing Clutch
Big Sky
Goose Down
Ruff Ruff
Ripple Rings
Ocean Waves
Peacock Feather
Crescent Moon
Spider Web
Reed Heads
Raven Hatchling
Swallows Nest
Chough Feather
Air Movements
Black Feather
Teal Feather I
Heron Feather
Of a Feather
Heartsong II
Girl with Birds
Girl and Horse
Path by the Tree
Before and After
Cross Current
Little Darling
Little Dramas Scene I
Little Dramas Scene II
Little Sister
Sweet Rain
Smeatons Pier
Come About
Valediction of Swallows
2h45m Black with Three Lines
2h45m (Creation)
2h45m (Form)
Found Art - Santa
Black Bourganvillia
Letter 'J'
Letter 'O'
Letter 'Y'
V is for Valantine
Untitled (Stripey)
Soho Sunrise
Inquisitively Drunk
Room for a bar snack
Storm over Marrakech
Air & Water: Colin See-Paynton: Fish and Fowl Engravings (Hard Back Book)
Bahia Palace, Marrakech
Medersa (with ornament)
We Float IV
Walking into Blue
Walking into Green
Walking into Red
Lunar Notes I
Green Blues
Three for Two
Blue Love Tree
Camberwell Green
It's a Good Space
Swing Rhythm
Carlyon Sunshine
Spring Spiral
Lilac & Red Tolcarne
Lizard Black II
Five Black Moons
Madron Blue
Timberaine 6
Untitled (TF)
Canadian Pacific (Orange)
Canadian Pacific (Dark Blue)
Canadian Pacific (Blue)
Canadian Pacific (Yellow)
Untitled (Spring)
Kinlochbervie Red Sky
St Michael's Mount
Spinnaker Losing Breeze
Evening Beachscape
Night Time
I Love You White (Diamond Dust)
No Easy Task
Mending Broken Hearts
Clare's Inspiration
Take Art for the Heart
Repare! Por Favour
Brief Encounter
Eden Ark & Evolution
London's Dreaming
He tore himself in two (1969)
French Shop (1971)
Girl Doing Homework III (1974)
Mother & Child IX(1983)
Mother & Child XX (1983)
Mother & Child XXIV (1983)
Reclining Figure Distorted (1980)
Reclining Figure Architectural Background (1977)
Seated Mother & Child (1951)
Reclining Figure with Sea (1973)
Motif in Red Blue & Yellow
Crowd looking at tied up Object
Mother & Child XXVI
'O' is for Orchid
Abba Zabba Blue
Anglesey - The Pearl Engine House
Labyrinth VII
Labyrinth VIII
Minotaur Labyrinth
City III
Anglesey - Amlwch
Balmoral Castle (2005)
Gleann Mor
The Walking Bus
Tea Drinkers
Beneath the Winter Sun II
Midsummer Festival Series 1 - Dancing at Dawn
My River View Dream
Beneath the Winter Sun I
Windsurfer (reserved)
Industrial Design
In Between
Work Work or Work
July July 4
Calla Lilly 3
White Lotus
A Room on the other Shore - Lightning
The Wind - Listening Platform - Day
The Moon - Watching Platform - Night
No. 39 'Screen' (Shoji) 2001
No. 49 Sliding Door
No.67 Drum (Tsuzumi)
Storm Coming
'Shells' from Mitate series no 30
Two Doves
Mary Mary
Anger Management
No. 40 Window (Mado) 2001
Otters at play
Otter Fishing
Bird of Paradise
Tippling Golfer
The Challenge
The Victor
Cooling Off
2h45m (Being)
2h45m (Creation)
2h45m (Form)
2h45m Black with Three Lines
Great Leap
Paradise Lost
A Study in Time and Space (One)
A Study in Time and Space (Three)
A Study in Time and Space (Four)
A Study in Time and Space (Seven)
A Study in Time and Space (Eight)
A Study in Time and Space (Eleven)
A Study in Time and Space (Twelve)
Carp No 26 from The Mitate Series
Run Run Run
Fly inside
Sredni Vashtar storyboard
The Virgin Butterfly: Canto II
Servo di Servi:Canto XIX
Our Excellent Exodus
Clyde Coaster
A Steam Launch at Wells
Allegria I
I Love You Black (Diamond Dusted)
Blue Red Black Vertical Rhythm
Red on Yellow Rhythm
Jazzing it up
Storm New York Harbour II, 2006
Swimmer V, 2006
Chiesa II, 2003
Verso il Cimertero IV, 2003
Swimmer III, 2006
Close Encounter VI, 2007
Girl with a Dog, NYC III, 2001
Lake V, 2008
Double Horse, 2001
Tempest III, 2008
Into The Sea II, 2008
Into the Sea V, 2007
Lake VI, 2008
The Beach II, 2009
The Beach I, 2009
Wollman Rink II, 2011
Literature Walk, Central Park V, 2001
We are the People No.2 Paper Moon c.1912
We are the People No.8 Sport. No.1 Footballer 1908 (yellow band)
Samuel Beckett at Riverside Studios 1984
Salman Rushdie (Fatwa Year Five, What kind of idea are you?)
South London Dreaming
53 Vicarage Grove: The Face Behind the Aspidistra
Oh Miss South Africa
Bank Manager
Ballet of the Unhatched Chickens
We Are The People No.7 Studio Aeronauts c.1911
We Are the People No.12 The Bride Sheffield c.1922
We Are the People No.14 Animals 1. Dog 1924
Peckham: The First Dish 1990
2 Hearts that beat as one
The Hoboken Weddings
The Souls IV - Chilli rred / Frost blue 2010
Upside Down tea bowl No 47 from the Mitate series
Bottles, Pots and the Ocean II
Birds in flight (Budleigh Scene)
Five Vessels
Happy Time
Sleeping Lovers I
'What do you do in yours?'(Burqa-2)
Cliffs of Aran, Black Fort
Nige Checks His E-Mails
'MM' from the Stars suite
'BB' from the Stars Suite
The Souls II - Silver Gloss / Burgundy /Blind impression 2010
The Souls I - Imperial purple / fuchsia pink / cool gold
Pink Moda
The Blessed One
'Beatles' from the Stars Suite
'Elvis' from the Stars Suite
Steal Softly Thru' Snow XXI
KM (Kate Moss)
Magnetic Fields
On Land, at Sea and in the Air.
Counting Sheep
Forest Lord
Between two Worlds
An Awfully Big Adventure
On Leaving Some Friends at an Early Hour, sonnet no. XV -the alternative design
Happy is England!..., Sonnet no.XX, -the alternative design.
The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse: Apocalypse no. III
Second Edition, Figure no. 10
Headpiece to act III
Summer Idyll
Girl Reclining
The Haunted Castle
Headpiece: Goat Girl
Wild Bee Hunter & Red Jasmine I
Wild Bee Hunter & Red Jasmine II
D'Albert and his Ideal
Theodore in the Bedroom
Omar Khayyam No.1
Omar Khayyam No.8
Omar Khayyam Special No.4
Omar Khayyam Special No.3
The Kiss
O Maid of Delos, Venus sends maids chaste as thou
For my silence Phoebus scorns me.
The wreck of the Porpoise & Cato
Frontispiece to Book I
Gathering Round the Alter
Tiptoe Night
Headpiece to Book III
On the side of Latmos
Frontispiece:The Mill
Odysseus & Nausicaa
Hero Pulling away from Leander
Pasiphae and the Nurse
Title page: Salmacis, the Naiad Bathing.
Salmacis in the lily pond
Hermaphroditus Teased by the Nymphs
Salmacis combing her hair
'At her loose speech Hermaphroditus blusht'
Second day, seventh tale: Alatiel undressed herself before him
Third day, sixth: Ricciardo made no reply; he kept embracing and kissing her more than ever.
Eighth day, Seventh tale: Elena dipped seven times holding the image in her hand
Ninth day, second tale: The guilty novice in her timidity did not know what to reply.
Faun Spying on Nymphs Bathing
High Kicks
Paris & Helen
Pippo Originale
Coltello e Uccello
Paradiso I
Paradiso IV
Paradiso III
Paradiso II
Sotto e Sopra II
Garden by the sea
A Somerset Landscape
Airfight (Falklands suite)
Beech Tree & Tumulus
Child of the Lake
Christ appears in the factory
Comus (Folio Society)
Cornish lane
Gorse Burning
Gull Rock-Cornwall
Iberian Bell Tower
Il Penseroso
In Memory of John McCormack
In The Factory
Irish Song
Jenny's Garden
Jungle Fight
Mandala Rock
Military Man Backfire
My Sleeping Butterfly
On the Morning of Christ's Nativity
Our Cat
Phoenix I
Premature Baby
Quarry Blast
Repentant at Calvary
Fishers of men
Floating worlds
From Croxley Moor to Bodmin Moor
Full moon and Phoenix
Gene's Cottage
Waters edge
Winching Tower
Return to the west country
Rock of Ages
Somerset Mine
Squared Circle of Zen
Storm over the Mendip Mines
Subterranean snail
Thief on the cross
Three Daffodils
First Edition, Figure no. 4
Portugese Cart
Heron by the Bank
Round Torso
Round Torso-On Slate
Pavillion Series XI
Owl and the Pussycat
Camel Valley - Cornwall
Time Passages Sea
Time Passages Stone
Time Passages Coal Garden
Time Passages Blind
Through Red
Black Swan
Sand Opportunity
In Passing
See The World
Heartsong I
Night Games
Domestic Life
Favourite Game
Secret Meeting
Broken Horse
Pavillion Series - VI
Pavillion Series - XVI
Pavillion Series - XX
Pavillion Series - XXIX
Where Raleigh Loved to Relax
Short Change
Gondolier Story
Prince Ivan and the Witch Baby
Large Bench/Table
The Robber Maiden (The Snow Queen)
Marooner's Rock
Kensington Gardens
Richmond Park
The Snow Queen (Story in seven Snowflakes)
Bauble: Neverland Scene
Morning Light
Two Figures
Seated Study
Life Figure
Stretching Girl
Candle light
Devon Rd
Living it up
The Galtas - Shiant
A Squabble of Starlings
Chorus Line
Midnight Swim I
Ripple Effect
City Birds
Revealed (after Paula Rego
Screen Kiss
Three Square
Secret Summer
Flying Wild
Endless Poem
Domestic Perspective
Journeys End
With Good Grace
Rise IV
Barges From Battersea Bridge
Lining The Skies
Across the Thames
Trees in Reservoir, North London
Untitled (Red)
Loch Ness
It'll be OK, I know these guys
Chicago Movement
North by Northwest
Future Hit
Layer II
Retail Therapy
Death at the Parade
Hope in Hell
Conch Shells and Afternoon Tea
You Bring Me Sunshine
Orange Buzz Ohio
Olympics Aquatics Centre in Construction
Hackney Olympic Site II
Olympic Site in Construction III
Olympic Velodrome Unveiled
The Blue Dress
Into the Forest - Laos
The Inlet
Belshazzar's Feast
Sixteen Appearances
Raven With Oak Leaves
Three Rooks
Three More Rooks
Zebra Angel Fish II
Little Dorrit
Picadilly IV - One Way
Picadilly III
Borough Market Lunchtime
Picadilly Summer II
Picadilly Summer
Three Points
Rising Form
Blackwood Girl
Taking Off
The Witness (after Paula Rego)
Fallen II
Girl Reading
Chalk Hill Covert - Asthall
Regents Park - The Runaway Donkeys ( London Suite )(reserved)
Girl with Bird
Buttercup Wink I
Buttercup Wink II
Airforce Blue
Eve I
Eve II
Tall Head
The Operation
Girls (Study)
Large Hei ch'un bowl
Turquoise/Copper Bowl
Turquoise/Copper Bowl
White & Burgundy Ceramic Container
Rounded Vase
Orange Blossom
Philip Morris
Olympic Stadium with Cranes I
American Trilogy - Black and Silver Diamond Dust
American Trilogy - White Diamond Dust
American Trilogy - Black and Silver Gloss
American Trilogy - Green
Found Art-Brittania
Found Art-Watches
The Butterfly Man - Vichy Trio
The Horseshow - Vichy Trio
10d per lb
Legends - Montgomery Clift
Legends - James Dean
Homage to Rauschenberg III
Homage to Rauschenberg V
Matchboxes 2
Girlie Door
Marilyn's Blue Door
Got a Girl
Paris Duel, Giant Pig
An Altercation
Found Art - Letters
The Unicorn Artist
Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover
Nocturne II
City Spaces I
Abbey Road - Parade ( London Suite )
I See the Sea
Tromba in the Rain
As the Willow Falls
4 and 20 Songbirds
After the Snow
Cavalier et son Valet, et Jeaune Fille Vêtued'une Mante
Marlo Brothers - In Journals
Female Head in Profile
16.5.64 I
Two Women
Reclining Woman and Picador with Guitar
Reclining Woman and Guitar Playing Picador
Composizione con Pipa
Big Calendar Chair
Adam and Eve
Mr Lovepants
PF40 Best of
Beach Catalogue
Shardcastle Wept
Lunar Notes II
Orford from the Ness
Bishopsgate, London
British Museum Series no.2
Matera - Towards Evening
Six Snapshots of St Paul's
Matera - Morning
British Museum Series no.3
British Museum Series no.4
British Museum Series no.1
Roma del Aventino
Excavations - Early Evening
Excavations - Afternoon
Architectural Salvage, Hoxton
Bergamo (fragments)
Rotunda x 4
A Second Development
10cc - The Original Soundtrack
Dancing Over Hong Kong - Hong Kong Quartet
Tear Drop
Back 2 Back
Delicate Sound of Thunder
Slow connection
Dark Pool
Room with a View
Heaven Can Wait
Jingle Bells
"Goodbye Mr Whippy"
Shooting Stars Over Bodmin
Large Square Plate
Flower Street - Hong Kong Quartet
Long Leaf Jug
Under the Erotic Alphabet Duvet
Out of the Blue
The Friend's Room
A Walk Along Aldeburgh Beach
Fowey Harbour
Waiting for the Ferry, Fowey Harbour
Hastings Pier
Floodtide at Blakeney
The Sandpit
Watuppa Brooklyn
The Princess and the Pea
Companions I
Companions II
Peninsula Moor
Little Damascus No.3
Companions III
Companions V
Foreign Land
To Look Again
Off Cut
Land of My Father
Robin Hoo
Crew of the Ninety Strange Affair
Off Cut II
Fluted Stoneware Bowl - Brown/White
Arroyo Blanco
Quarry Edge
Western Boundary
Companions VI
Blue Moon
Tiger Tiger Fading Fast, from the Present to the Past
Moor Hen
On The Road to Damascus
Girl With Dogs II
Girl With Dogs III
Companions VII
Companions VIII
Companions IX
Companions XI
Companions XII
Big Healthy Girl I
Big Healthy Girl II
Big Healthy Girl III
Characters in Search of a Story II
Big Healthy Girl IV
Big Healthy Girl V
Big Healthy Girl VI
Old and Young 11
Big Healthy Girls VII
Old and Young 12
Old and Young 13
Big Healthy Girls VIII
Nude not Naked
Big Healthy Girls IX
Women in Water II
Women in Water VI
Characters in Search of a Story III
Characters in Search of a Story I
Characters in Search of a Story VI
Characters in Search of a Story VII
Characters in Search of a Story VIII
Characters in Search of a Story V
Characters in Search of a Story IX
Characters in Search of a Story X
Characters in Search of a Story XII
Big Healthy Girls X
Big Healthy Girls XI
Big Healthy Girls XII
The Beano
Bleak House Lawyers
Dark Brown Rounded Vase
Dark Brown Casserole Dish
Art Malarky 2
Hollywood Rollercoaster
I'd Like to Thank...
Not Our Type Darling
Homage to Barnett Newman
Girl With Dogs I
Love Hearts
Down the Tube
Mere Daubers
Vanitas Vanitatum
The Red and The Black
Vitruvian Mannequin
Angels & Daemons
Salami Theory
Jester Joker
And What do You Do?
The Visible at the Service of the Invisible
Bürgerliche Welt
Urban Development
Small Lidded Tear Shaped Vase
No. 34 of Mitate series. Snail
Good Heavens
Man for all seasons
Eagle's Descent
Nocturnal Sortie
1912 Overture
The Soldier
Crowd Control - Afghanistan
Eiffel Tower (Large Lenticular)
Little Red Head
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother - Wire Cow. check stock.
The Steve Miller Band - Big Discs
Pendulum - The Island
The Steve Miller Band - Let Your Hair Down
Biffy Clyro - Opposites (Triptych)
Biffy Clyro - Puzzle
Gentleman Without Weapons - Transmissions
The Steve Miller Band - Water Guitar
Believe Media - Fairy (Circle)
Catherine Wheel - Happy Days(Circle)
Powderfinger - Eye (Circle)
Yumi Matsutoya - Train of Thought (Circle)
Yourcodenameis: Milo - 17 (Circle)
Audioslave - Audioslave
Pink Floyd - Chip Off the Old Block
The Tree of Half Life
Mars Volta - Coma
Pink Floyd - A Collection of Great Dance Songs
Division Bell Graphic
Dreamers Stadium - The Plea
Elegy - The Nice
Ellis Beggs and Howard - Homelands
Machineri - Machineri
Riff Raff - Vinyl Features
Planet Anthem - Disco Biscuits
Slow Earth - Latitude & 023
The Mars Volta - Televators
The Plea - Dreamers Stadium - Guitars
UFO - Phenomenon
Yes - Going for the One
10cc - Tenology
Liquid Dark Side of the Moon
Temple IV
Temple III
Temple II
Temple I
Call II
Bell Jar - X
Bell Jar - White Goods
Lamed Vav I
Lamed Vav II
Lamed Vav III
Garden of Pan
Le Veritable Dragon Rouge
Squares and Circles
Shir Ashirim (Song of Songs)
Esodo (Shemot) Pasiphae
Iris Ignis
Westmere (Landscape)
4 x Gift Card
Birthday Celebrations
Venus Calling
Three II
Use Frizzo
It's For You
Weekend Away
Moving South
The Space Within
Poissons Chinois
Where will it all End?
Modern Interior
Collected Works
The Morning After
More Art at Night
Sea Forms
Winter Solstice
High Tide
Three Forms
2 Stoneware Pots on a Holly Base
2 Stoneware Vessels on a Holly Base with Walnut Inlays
2 Raku Containers, Large Bound, Burgundy Glaze
Cry Me A River
Rust Brown Vessel with White Details and a Lilac Glaze
Large Copper Green Bowl with Cream Rim
Crossing the Styx
Gaping Chasms and Stars
Figure by a Curtain
Mulholland Drive (on reserve)
Frank Auerbach
How to Read
London by Night
Four in America
The Red Dancer of Moscow
Before the Fourth
Bella (Second Version)
Head of a Woman
Goat Girl (Hand-coloured Unique)
Hand-Painted Plate
Hand-Painted Plate
Hand-Painted Plate
Hand-Painted Plate
Blood and The Moon
Classic Shopping
Norman Frame
Billy Rainbow
Kim Novak
The Second Real Target 25 Years Later
I Love You Black (non diamond dust)
Marilyn Monroe, Black
Self Portrait with Grandchildren
World War I Flight
St Paul's Series: Dusk
St Paul's Series: Night Flight
St Paul's Series: Lights
Life and Love
Sweet Thames
Line Dancing
Across the Green
Women With Birds IV
Lady of Marseilles
Still Moving
Poetic License
Hare's Looking at You
Winchester from St Catherines Hill
Double Cross IV
Landscapes with Latitudes
New Metropolis
Transitory (5)
Zig Zag VI
Gold Lutre Butterfly Lidded Pot
Blue Bufferfly Lidded Pot
St Paul's Series: Dawn
Gormleys Dogs
Modigliani's Dog
Old Cart Track
Parkland Cottages
A Walk in the Country
Water's Edge
Snow Morning
Snow Beeches
Snow in the Park
Palazzo da Mosta
The Three Kings
Sun Through Reeds
Red Landscape
Autumn Landscape
Hadari e Migi e
Red Assembly
Positive Green
For Studio
Sector no. 2
Six Squares on Brown
Deco Flower
Five Squares on Green
Blue Square, Grey Square
Sector no. 1
Nine in One
On Reflection
'Yunomi' Stoneware Tea Vessel
Manhattan Boogie Woogie
Gettin' in Over my Head
Development of a Square Orange
Development of a Square Red
Development of a Square Green
Wire Glass and Carrier Bag
Plastic Funnel, Mortar & Pestle
The Fear of Dogs
The First Party
The Getaway
After Escher
Tipping Point
Same Old
Passing Through
Wild Times
Cloudy II
Absent Minded
Antares & Love IV
Love & the Oragami Animals II
The Marriage
Escargot Pour Trois
A Bird in the Hand
Bryant Park
Farming Today
Tube Shadows
Waterloo Bridge Sunset
Development of a Square Green
Development of a Square Red
Development of a Square Orange
The Boyhood of Raleigh
Green Rocks Under St. Petersburg
Full Steam Ahead
Lucifero nella sua gloria
Mutiny on the Unty - Foul Bottoms
Shanghai Seebackascope Double Vision I
Shanghai Seebackascope Double Vision II
Deadwood Shed
Watchtower, Brooklyn Bridge
Flat Iron Building
Central Park, Strawberry Fields
A View From Canary Wharf
Alcatraz and Angel Island
The Hunt for a Unicorn in the City
Canine Resources
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Hidden Bridge - San Francisco
Tiny Tina
Zooming Around
Transitory (1)
Transitory (3)
Transitory (4)
Transitory (6)
Transitory (7)
Transitory (8)
Transitory (9)
Transitory (series)
London Bridge
My Dahlia Collection I
My Dahlia Collection II
Drop Earrings
Drop Necklace
Pod Earrings
Squiggle Bracelet (small)
Squiggle Bracelet (large)
Heart Bracelet
Ammonite Bracelet
Flower ring
Ruby ring
Spinning ring
Bark ring (medium)
Bark ring (large)
Allez Allez (red & blue)
A View of Delft
New's Hoboken Weddings
Age of Wheels 3
Storm Approaching Lyme Regis
Dead Slow Lyme Regis
Pink Sardines
Dulsie Bridge
Duffus Castle
Linton in Craven
St David's
Near Welshpool
Brea Hill
Port Quin Bay
Barrett's Zawn
Connemara Shore
Cawdrey Old Hall
Wardour Revisited
Abstract Form
Face In the Stone
Pie Dish
Timberjaine J
Transitory (5)
Counting Collisions
The Scream
Son Carigol 10
Son Carigol 11
Son Carigol 16
Room for a side car
Pink Moda
Tree Fern & Shadow Yellow
Blue Grey Blind
Green Grey Violet Shadow
Grey Grow Green
Self Portrait 12
Sculptures of Vases Set
Sculpture of a Jug (black)
Sculpture of a Jug (blue)
Sculpture of a Jug
Hand built Grey Textured Bowl
Snail Race
Cedar of Lebanon Sculpture
Cedar of Lebanon Bowl Sculpture
Cedar of Lebanon Bowl Sculpture
First Snow
Lost Magic Kingdoms
London, a Work in Progress
Casting Giant Shadows
Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Piano in Keystone Crescent
Monopoly II
Monopoly I
Oranges and Lemons
Petit Pierre
Life Imitating Art VIII
Beside the Seaside
Jonah and The Whale
O For a Muse of Fire
Urban Myths I - The Protein Man at Smithfield's Market
Urban Myths II - Icarus in Rotherhithe
Urban Myths III - The Chewing Gum Artist
Urban Myths IV - Street Piano in Keystone Crescent
Urban Myths VI - Infanta de Castilla at Elephant and Castle
Moonlight Al Fresco
Life Imitating Art V
Life Imitating Art X
Stray Cats and Lost Sonnets
de Kooning's Dog
Holbein's Dog
Without Henri
Al Fresco
Butterfly Ocean
Feast Study Painting
Contemporary Dance
Entwined Couple
In the Arms of Our Family IV
The Tea Drinkers
Bottles, Pears and the Ocean
In the Arms of our Family
While the man sleeps the woman leaps
Fishing for Flying Fish II
Earthly Delights
The Angel and the Aviator
Coastal Still Life I
Coastal Still Life II
Damien Hirst's Dog
To Dance with Abandonment
Marriage a la Mode 3
Marriage a la Mode 2 : The Wedding
Marriage a la Mode 1
Healing Garden
Death Star Remington Purple Mao
Spring Morning
Summer on the Southbank
The Start of the Storm
Flatbed I
Transitory (5)
Not so Fast (Rugby)
Throw in (Rugby)
Hand Off (Rugby)
The Gondolier
Bridge to the Campo
Urban Myths V - A memory of elephants in King’s Cross
Silver I
Silver II
Pot Pourri
New Designer Trees
Wolf & Candelabra (Teal)
The Enchantress in her Garden
The Flood
Lost Souls I
Lost Souls II
Visitor's Song
To the Lighthouse, Il De Re
Picture Pendant
Contemporary Couple and their Love of London
Blue Screen
Golden Sands
Golden Trumpet
Havana Quintet Blue
Havana Quintet Green
Night Rider
Pool Player
Havana Quintet, Red
Wedge (Corona NYC)
Large Blue Platter
Mother of Pearl
City Fragment
City Fragments IV
City Swirl
Sweet Dreams
Evening Light
The Five Senses Satisfied
Barbara's Garden
Two Pears on a Plate
Vertical Rhythms II
Spanish Dreams
Sun Tree
Centre Blue
Long Red Yellow & Black
Love Tree
Black Sun Dipper
Black Moon and Ochre
Blue and Green Verticals
Blue Circle
Malaga Blue and Orange
Tempo Raccolto I
Tempo Raccolto II
Prugue e Fiori
Maiuscole I
Parus Caeruleus
Alcedo Atthis II
Natura Morta
Fiori on Line
Best of Birds I
Best of Birds II
Forellen Quintett
Dancing on Ice
Dappled Light
In The Shallows
Harvest Moon
Men of Steam
Near the Forbidden City
Fledgling Brown
Madonna on a Venice Beach 2
Hidden Hand
Songthrush Held
Almost Held
Blue Tit Cradle
Held Still
Still Life with Sparrowhawk and Blue Tit
On Top Again
In Flight
Songthrush and House Sparrow
Mouth II
Secret Mountain
London from Primrose Hill
Rain Streets
Arrival 3 - Paddington
Tube Rain 1
Senate House
Shard Sunlight
Curzon Soho Bar
The Ivy
Tube Rain
Tube Reflections
Battersea Sky (Battersea Power Station from Vauxhall Bridge)
Dark River (Battersea Power Station from Vauxhall Bridge
King's Cross St Pancras
Albert Bridge
Recent Past (Simpson's Building, Piccadilly)
Regent Street Sunlight
Station's Reflections - Leaving Town
Station Reflections - Moving On
Station Sunlight - Day's End
Thames Bridges by Moonlight 2
Thames Bridges East
Albert Bridge
Chelsea Bridge
Late Night London
Tube Night - Northern Line
Station Sunlight - Departure
Station Sunlight - Day's End
Thames Bridge Sunset
Station Reflections - Sundown
Station Reflections - Lone Traveller
Brooklyn Bridge
Hudson - New York
Astor Place Subway
Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan
Chrysler Building from Empire State
Downtown from Brooklyn Heights
Fifth Avenue Rain
Flat Iron Building Sunset
Grand Central Station
Mid Town Manhattan
New York Times
NYC Days
NYC Nights
Thames - London 2
Night Time (Covent Garden Tube Station)
Tube Light 2
Tube Light 1
Tube Light 3
Arrival 4 Victoria Station
Arrival 1 Paddington Station
Arrival 2 - King's Cross Station
Last Tube
London from Greenwich
London from Primrose Hill
Thames - London 4
Tube Light 2
Tube Light 4
Tube Light 6
Thames Dusk
Battersea Sunlight
Midland Hotel Morecombe
53rd and 3rd
Navigation Markers
Letting Go
Another Arrival (King's Cross St Pancras Station)
Legends - Marilyn Monroe
Singing the blues
Praying Form A
Praying Form B
Angel Form
Yellow Buzz Ohio
Wandsworth I
Dorset Coast, Seacombe
In the Valley of the Dove
Telling a different tale
Silent Light
Male nude with sun and flowers
A Garden Too Far
Frosty Morning
Heimatlos (homeless)
Lost and Found
New Ventures
Our House
Desolation Angel
Speed Button
Magnificent Desolation
The Spotlight Kid
Everlasting Light
Mirror Man
Dropout Boogie
Orange Buzz Ohio II
Beautiful Find
Blackenstone Irons
Flag Out
Flying Above
Franklyn Wheel
Full Scale
Island Dream
In the Frame
Green Spring
Seeking Treasure
Swimming Down
Craigie Bedlington
Please Retweet
Black Forest
Circular Pink
Crescendo Pool
Digital Man
Far Imagination
Green Field
32 Butterflies
17 Butterflies
25 Butterflies
In Pursuit
Yellow Dream
Yellow Harbour
A Little Light Rain
Blue Dream
Blue View
Clear Lake
Deep Ocean
Double Helix
Dr Who
Far Senses
Full Beam
Inner Light
Purple on Green
Southern Cross
Twilight Snow
Island of Bad Art
Horizon Field
Standing Matter
The Drongs
Sula from Rona - Ronan's Chapel
St Kilda from Flannan
Village Bay
Stac Biorach and Soay Stac
Leaving St Kilda
Isle of Foula
Kame of Foula
The Gaada Stack Foula
Papa Stour
Muckle Roe
Dere Holm
The Noup of Noss
Papa Little
January Afternoon - Wiltshire
Holkham Park from Scolt Head
Galway Bay from Inishmaan
Foul Sound
Sun and Rain, Galway Bay
On High Island
Inishbofin Harbour - Bosco's Castle
Little Skellig
Dursey Head
Bull Rock
Cow Rock
Thornham Evening
Old Nab
A Cumberland Hillside
Knockando Morning
Loch Awe - Argyll
Northern Landscape III
The Carse of Gowrie from Norman's Law Tayside
The Sound of Mull
Anvil Rock - Noss
Papa Stour
Black Head from Inisheer
The Stags of Broadhaven
Harewood in Autumn
Jackdaws at Carrick Luz
Brunhilda's Cairn
Flamborough from Bempton
Skellig - North Landing
Shepherd Rock
Saltwick Nab
Loved Bangle Large
Broch of Mousa
After Swaling
Exeter Cathedral II
Crab Rocks
The Great Glen
Tour de Force (blue)
Goat Head
Blue Jungle
Silver Jungle
Tin Stream
Pebbles and Planets
Tour de Force (Yellow Oxide and Grey)
Sailing at Dusk
Charleston Harbour
Audience Anticipation
Evening Expectation
Stepping Out with a Memory
I've Heard That Song Before
The Very Thought of You
Field Edge 28
Harbour Coast 32
Vertical Coast 10
Four Mile Lake II
Shaping the Sole
Ropes and Posts, Lyme Regis
Dunna Bridge
Autumn Oak
Four Mile Lake
Don't Move Too Far From The Olive Tree
Snow Drift
The Shelterers
Tin Works I
Stoneware Clay Bowl
Big Surf
Big Surf (Japanese Paper)
Tube Train
Medium Turquoise and Cream bowl
Small Purple and Blue Bowl
Great Britain
A Bigger Bang
Abstract Metal Piece
Abstract Metal Piece
Abstract Square
Abstract Square
Escalator Chat
At Sea
Black Mug
Two Pint Jug
Mulberry Tree and Choristers
Pears on a plate
The Three Trees
Summer Sunrise
Durdle Door
The Camel Trail in Spring
White Nothe, Jurassic Coast
Spring Tracks
Blakeney Harbour
The City
Portland Bill
La Negresse
Snow melt on Bodmin moor
Evening Snow - Coniston
Anglesey - The Great open Cast
Cow II
Prickley Pear
Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix in Silhouette
Betty Boop
Dennis Chased by Copper Up Hill
Spa Garden
Pebble Beach
Still Life with Amazon Parrot
Bottles 1951
The Devil's Teeth
After the Rain
passing Clouds
Shepherds Delight
Red Meadows
Midnight on the River
The River by Moonlight
Across the River
Blue Calabash Dish
Black and White Floral Jug
Floral Square Dish
Coming in on the Tide
Field of Crows
Shadows on the Green
Portrait Red Studio
Red Jacket
Red Studio
Dennis with a Catapult
Dennis x9
Dennis with Orange background
Dennis being chased
Good Moon Rising
Bad Moon Rising
Ring of Fire
Blinded by the light
Exit, pursued by a bear
A Horse! A Horse! My Kingdom for a Horse!
Charlestown 7
City of Glass 2
City of Glass 3
City of Glass 4 and 5
City of Glass 7
Porthleven 19
Porthleven 20
Porthleven 25
Porthleven 26
Porthleven 27
Porthleven 28
The Sea
Owl and the Pussycat
Hooray for the Nagasaki Tramcar!
Domestic Fantastic
A Merry Dance
Gnasher Gno Cats
Behind Bars
Long haired Retriever
Huge Dennis
Many Faces of Dennis
Dennis sliding down the bannister
Betty Boop
Chris Orr- The making of Things
From the Lighthouse
This Captivity to the Sky and Water
Silver Limpet earrings (pair)
Small Raku Vase
popeye glares
He's a man
I'm Bored
Love and Hate
Roast spuds
Somewhere else
Tesco excess
Dicing with Death
And so
Missing piece
Night Fishing
Ronnie Wood drinking
Dogmatix on Blue
Thelwell Bronco
Olive oil gazes
David Bowie (young Americans)
This looks like a job
Lunch at The Royal festival Hall
Donegal Bay
Near Burnsall, Wharfedale
Windermere in Winter
January in Wharfdale
Evening Snow, Coniston
Puffin Island
Fairy of the Waves
Muckle Flugga
World Class Scrummage (Rugby)
Anyone for Sardines?
Country Walk
View of the Estuary
Three Willows
Learning to Walk
The New Hat
Snow Had Fallen
Morston Marshes
Olympic Shadows )
Gasmmelle Zeit IV
Hillside Farm
Otter Head
Golden Dreams
Panorama Wave
Sea Shore Shapes
Evening Light
Sigman and Ariadne
Earth Face
The Three Barbies in Tahiti
Small Raku Vase
Asterix En Avant!
Black Circle
Self Portrait
Dinham Bridge
Dennis Hugs Gnasher
Thelwell Pony Hug
Thelwell Good all rounder
Bonne Journee!
Egret in silver birch
The Bird of Night
Iberian Moon
Bell Jar - VII
The Herald
The Player
Wind Sock and Moon
Dennis Hugs Gnasher
Chip off the Old Block
The Canterbury Tales
Large White Abstract Stoneware Vase
Red Brown Bottle and 4 Cup Set
White Blue Medium Vase
Landscape Bowl
Small Blue Red Decorated Vase
Small Blue Red Decorated Vase
Infinite Monkeys
One Final Push
Spring Tide
Morning Light
Motherhood I
Motherhood II
Motherhood IV
Motherhood VI (lll)
Within I
Within II
Sleepwalking II
Sleepwalking III
Sleepwalking IV
Sleepwalking V
Sleepwalking VI
Currents II
Currents I
Mind Tower III
Sasha Siem - Bird Burning Album Cover
Mind Tower II
Mind Tower IV
Sasha Siem - Bird Burning PHOENIX sleeve notes.
Mind Tower V
Sasha Siem - Bird Burning SWAN sleeve notes
Sasha Siem - Bird Burning PEACOCK sleeve notes
Sasha Siem - Bird Burning PELICAN sleeve notes
London Triptych
Mystery of the Shadows I
Winter Evening Egret
Bass III
Arctic Tern
Heat 'n Pilchards
Mackerel Eyes
Magic III
Kicking Baby
The Missing Rider
Cobweb Of Potato
Monica's Walnut Sponge Cake
Qweesh Not Quiche
Invisible Soup
Motherhood III (wing version)
Beeny Cliff 6
Harbour Coast 18
Wave Line 8
Vertical Coast 6
Building Blocks
Catch Me If You Can
Early May
Lazy Morning
Mothers Day
Moving On
Out Of The Fire
The Good Times
Water World
Why Not
Winter Sun
Half Pint Jug (Left)
Pow Wowwow
Moon Room
Show Time
Large White Green Raku Bowl
Large White Blue Green Raku Bowl
Large White Purple Raku Bowl
Small White Crackle Raku Bowl
Tall White Crackle Bowl
All the World's a Stage 2
Road Race
Rowers II
Sinclair's Castle
Castle Bay
Sloc na Beiste
Ai Weiwei's Cat
Rousseau's Cat II
Leonardo da Vinci's Dog
Cole Porter's Dog l
Van Gogh's Cat
Mingulay Bay
Asking for Trouble
Houghton Mill
Whispering Wings II
Sleepwalking I
Canada 150
Large Textured Bowl
Large Grey Bowl
Small Raku Vase
Large Crackle Bottle
Small Banded Pot
Small Textured Pot
Sunset From Tower Bridge
View From The Hillside
Old Cart Track
Meadow Gate
Love Light in Your Eyes
Still Water
Tree Clumps
Victorian Collection
Tea Cup and Saucer
Small Pot
Small Bowl
Large Bowl
Large Bowl
Large Grey Crackle Bowl
Small Crackle Pot
Small Crackle Pot
Bottles, Pots and the ocean I
Beside the Seaside
The Creek
Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter
Large Enamel Ring
Single Green Stud
Oval Turquoise Stud
Small Green Stud
Blue and Green Small Stud
Small Blue Shard Stud
Learning to Walk
Westminster Abbey
The Missing Rider
Curtain of Rain
Trolius and Cresida
Across the Sand Dunes
Autumn Meadows
Misty Morning
Summer Dawn
A Sunday Afternoon
Moored at Mavagissy
Looking Out
Strange Worlds
Glen Bay
Speckled Vase
The Magic Band
Space Echo II
Wish Bone Ash
Yellow Buzz
Future Sound 2
Zoomster 2
Buttercups in Vase
Eros Wheel and Bird
From the Cafe
Over the Guitar
The Space in Between
Tarifa 1
Tarifa 2
Tarifa 3
I Could Have Danced All Night
Old Soldier
Every Other Landscape
Boy with Snake
Rain Child
Listening to Boats in Blue
Another Day
Tottle Brook
Head in a Dream
A Spanish Dancer
Windmill on a Hill
To Wells
A Time to Swim
Passion Palace
Two White Sails ED2
Silent Dancer
Blue Dancers (Revisited)
Going Round the Bend
Miss J Russell
Here's Lulu
Grey Blue Bowl
Fair Hare
Silly Billy Goat
Francis Drake
Attic Dance
Mackerel For Tea
The Ship Aground
The Mermaids Tea Party
Red square
Orange Square
Eroded Beach Stud Earrings
Heavy Pebble Bangle
Pebble Bangle with float charms
Monsters of the Universe
Tired of London, Tired of Life
Nude not Naked
Jester Joker
Yellow Brick Road
The Fear of Cats
Adders and Ladders
Diamond Geezers
Filming by Numbers
Yellow Brick Road 2016
I'd Like To Thank
Money With Menaces
Broardway Boogie Woogie
All the Nightmares
Colt 45 Club
Comic Cuts
Masters of War
Small Mixing Bowl
Small Mixing Bowl
White and gold pot
Black heart necklace with an adjustable chain (Please Check For Availability)
Black cross/kiss stud
white heart stud
large white stoneware bowl
white stoneware bowl
Abstract large Plate
Blue stoneware bowl
crackle Raku bowl
Landscape Bowl
Grey/white luster bowl
off white bowl
The Custom House
Pathline 33
Night Garden
The Dell
The Combe
Circling Crocodiles
My Mummy
A Study in Time and Space (Two)
Buttercup Ridge
On Reflection
The Night Garden
Money Map of the World - 2013
A is for Albania
A Bigger Bang - Diamond Dust
We the People of the Commonwealth
Rembrandt's dog
Edward Hopper's Dog
Life Imitating Art IX
New York Map of Days
B is for Brazil
Enough is Enough
Fall 1
Forever & ever
The United States - Black
The United States - White
Insturments of State - China
Money Map of the World - China
Ernesto Unique Serial Number
Circle Studs-Silver Grey
What The Burgular Sees
Body Piece 1
Fault Line
Elle 34
Excavare II
Returning Tide
Pilgrims Leap
Crab Bay
Towards Spy Rock
Fiat 500
Set of three dipped vase's
Set of three dipped bowls
Blue Lagoon
Fast Running
Mr Invincible
Never Better
Night at Rio Formose
Rio Formasa
Tamar Trails
The Promise of Spring
Trade Winds
Winter Escape
Body Piece 8
Body Piece 9
Body Piece 13
Body Piece 14
Large White Body Bowl
Large White Body Bowl
Side Plate
Rembrandt's dog II
Spring Clean
A Hint of Spring
Alte Ruine
Way Forward
Victoria Station
Liverpool Station
Searching for the Missing Button at Jackson's
Barrington Park
Fountains Abbey
Dunfeeney Ston Mayo
You look...different
A Series of Giant Steps IV
Silver Rod Ring With Gold Detailing
Silver Band Ring With Set Diamonds
Large Silver Rod Ring With Gold Detailing
Silver Swirled Ring
Gold Oval Pendent With Silver Chain
Silver Bangle With Gold Cross Pendent
Light Mooncloud Studs
Multi-coloured Star Broach
Large Domed Studs Turquoise Opal
Silver Lilac Heart In Box Bangle
Tiny Jug
Tiny Jug
Large Coffee Mug
Large Coffee Mugs (x 4)
Large Coffee Mug (x 2)
Large Coffee Mug
Small Coffee Mug
Small Coffee Mug
Small Coffee Mug
Small Coffee Mug (x 2)
Small Coffee Mug (x 2)
Large Coffee Mug (x 2)
Small Coffee Mug (x 4)
Small Round Coffee Mug
Small Round Coffee Mug
Small Round Coffee Mug
Small Round Coffee Mug
Small Round Coffee Mug
Small Round Coffee Mug (x 2)
Small Round Coffee Mug (x 2)
Small Round Coffee Mug (x 4)
Small Round Coffee Mug (x 4)
Tea Cup and Saucer
Tea Cup and Saucer
Tea Cup and Saucer
Tea Cup and Saucer
Tea Cup and Saucer (x 2)
Tea Cup and Saucer (x 2)
Tea Cup and Saucer (x 4)
Tea Cup and Saucer (x 4)
Small Bowl
Small Bowl
Small Bowl
Medium Bowl
Tea Cup and Saucer (x 2)
BG Coffee Studio Cafe Selva 250g Coffee Beans
BG Coffee Studio Cafe Selva 250g Coffee Beans
BG Coffee Studio Cafe Selva 250g Coffee Beans
BG Coffee Studio Cafe Selva 250g Coffee Beans
Elle 25
Accommodating The View 1
Good Morning
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (2)
Money Bath
The Tweaking Game
Visiting Animals
Nutty Walt
Sir Walter Raleigh
Bell Jar - VI
Bell Jar - XXIII
Bell Jar - XXVIII
Bell Jar - VIII
Bell Jar - XIX
Blue and white bowl
Blue vase
Large Brown Jug
Tracey Emin's Dog
Dali's Dogs
Progression 3
Progression 5
Noonday Squall
Open Sky
Sheep Tracks,Winter Sky
Limpet Pendant Silver and Gold
May June 1981
White,Black and Gold
White, Ochre and Prussian
Study 1
Study 2
Into The Blue
One From The Heart
Pas De Deux
Love Letter
Cobalt Grey & Blue Volts
We Float III
Low Pop
Liquid Space
Blue Curve
Zone Of Rust
Colour Zones 1
Tangerine, Deep Orange Volts
Deep Yellow & Orange Volts
Interior 1
Port 1
Port 2
Dark Room
Small White Abstract Stoneware Vase
Red Cliff
Crimson Hill
Sun Ember
A Dark Presence
Flight Over
Another Day
Cricket Field
House in Trees
Jug on Table
Large Speckled Dimple Bowl
Progression 4
The Bits Constable Left Out
Picasso's Busy Day
2 Hearts That beat as one
Lion Tamers
Hooray For Hollywood
Frida Kahlo (Diego's Dinner)
Diego Riviera (A Fry Up For Frida)
Walter Sickert Finds a Fly in His Soup
The Divine Comedy - Reginald Marsh at Coney Island
Canny Thomas Bewick by the Banks of the Tyne
Cezanne Paints Mont Saint Victoire No 1
Cezanne Paints Mont Saint Victoire with Train
Cezanne Paints Mont Saint Victoire from a Ladder
Owl and the Pussycat with Cogs
Rimed Ancient Mariner
Storm in a Tea Cup
Ship of Fools
150 Years of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Happy Birthday Frankenstein
Shakespeare 400 Years
Joanah and The Whale
Surfing Nelson With His Cat
Owl Bowl
How to Earn an Honest Crust
My Daddy
Big Fish
Mummy Hugs
Blue Crayola
Train Time
Rembrandt's House
Chakri 1
Web Bow
Art At Night
A Hasty Departure
Modern Chess
Uninvited Guests
Accommodating The View 2
Walking Days
Dividing Lines
Snow Scene Unseen
Towards The West
Cloud And Sun
Over The Bracken
Exotic Garden 1
Exotic Garden 2
Picasso's Dog 1
Wall Painting I
Wall Painting II
Flora II
Passer Montanus
Parus Major
L'Occhialei di Schubert
Mourning Andy 1
Mourning Andy 2
Mourning Andy 3
Mourning Andy 4
Confrontation Now
Floating Vessel
Getting Physical
In Peace
Sighting Land
Wild Beasts I
Wild Beasts II
On Reflection
A Question Of Taste
His Bowl
Messy Work
Moon Room 2014
Moon Room II
Persistent Door Slamming
Slum Interior
Where Is That Cat?
Night Memorial
Resisting The Bailiffs
Silver and Pearl Stud Earrings
Fish For sale (Budleigh Beach)
Blue Beaker
A Brief History of Love
Life Imitating Art - Chelsea Arts Club Procession
Life Imitatiing Art - Cornelia Parker's Breathless Brass Band
Life Imitatiing Art - My Favourite Things
Leonardo da Vinci's Dog II
White Raku Bowl
White Raku Pot
White Raku Pot
White Raku Pot
White Raku Pot
The Rugby Portfolio
Winter Copse
Dancing Trees
Turquoise Hosepipe Ban
Reclaimed Icons: Clown
Reclaimed Icons: Harlequin
Reclaimed Icons: Matador
Reclaimed Icons: Kitten
Reclaimed Icons: Pin Up
White Raku Bowl
White Raku Vase
White Raku Vase
White Raku Vase
White Raku Bowl
White Raku Bowl
White Raku Vase
White Raku Vase
The First Kiss of Spring
green and white butterfly bowl
Autumn Heath
From the Motorway
Lighter Than Air
Heath View
Heath Land
A London Particular
Orange Blossom
Cacti dish Yellow flowers
At Sea
River Light
Tube Strike
Primrose moon
Thames Bridges East
When The Earth Turns Around Then We Might See The Sun
Secret Mission
Summer Squall
Marigold Mountain
Remember Me
Home Before Dark
Metroland II
One Way Ticket
A Weekend Away
Any Given Saturday
Red Moon Rising
Life's but a walking shadow
Any Which Way
Journey's End
Off Peak Travel
Sea Dance
Still Life
Still Life
High Wire Rain Shower
A Gift of Good Luck
Petals and Pears
They say I'm too old Fashioned...
Espresso Cup and Saucer
Alice Underground
Pink Abstract
Pink and red Abstract
Medium Pink Abstract
Medium Yellow Abstract
Limpet necklace
Limpet earrings
Limpet necklace
Bright limpet drop earrings
Small wave studs
Pierced circle studs
Winter bay
Cacti dish orange flowers
Cacti dish pink flowers
Small Boat Dish Purple Flower
Large Black Bird Rectangular Dish
After The Storm
Red doors
Filament II
Shine silently
East wind
Cold wind
down the wire
Canvas on Chrome
Colour Within
Double Diamond
Red Circles
orange filament
Orange Filamnet
Winter Furrows
Furrows II
White heart necklace with an Adjustable Chain
Im Going for a Poo!
Gold and brown pot
Brown and red leaf bowl
Blue leaves bowl
Dancing at the Side of the Sea
Tiny wave studs
Poodles Rampant
The Aquarium
Goat Rider
Dog Chasing Man
Cry Baby
Owl and Boy
Wish Upon a Star
Guardian Angel Small
'What do you do in yours?'(Burqa-IV)
XL Closed Limpet Ring
Large Closed Limpet Ring
Self Portrait 2
Rosette Ring
Rosette Ring
XL Eroded Oyster Ring
XXL Oyster and Pearl Drop/Stud Earrings
Large Closed Limpet Clip Earrings
Night Studio
Tiny Closed Limpet Pendant
Open Limpet Pendant
Open Limpet Pendant
Closed Limpet Pendant
Closed Limpet Pendant
We cant live in the light all the time 1
Albert and Mudlarks
Small Tea Pot
Pudding Stones
Daisy Moon
Melting Snow
Midnight 1975
Otter Head
Medium blue and gold vase
One Small Step
New Dimension
Warrior Universe
Soulless Stars Cascade
Sentinel 3
Sentinel 4
Sentinel 5
To Left and Right
Sentinel 8
They went to sea
A Lot of Castor and Pollux
Interior at Oranmore
Brooch - Medal, heart, cross and star
High Water
Wes Anderson's Dog - Hoover Building
Edinburgh Castle
Good Morning Lemmings
Hen Cloud, the Roaches
Hirta, St Kilda
Dawn Glade
Dawn Glade
Autumn Vines
Café Selva Organic Fairtrade Coffee
Now and then
Time for a break
Taking the scenic route
Light fading
Friends for life
Jardin Marjorelle
Sentinels full set 3-8
Madron Woodcuts
Slumber Blacks
Single White Circle Stud
Milky Way I
Seed I
Aurora Borealis ll
The Pool
Derwent Lake.
Clattering Pines
Morning Mist
A Wet Walk
Through The Trees
Grand Canal
Across the Park
Life is a Beautiful Ride
Bridport Market
We Swam Into The Dancing Light
Olive Trees In The Wind
Pond Farm
Counrty Walk 1985
Shore Break
Sea Change
Bridget Riley's Dog
de Kooning's Dog
Wall Painting I
Heath Trees
Around The Lake II
Steps Away From The Sun
At sea
We cant live in the light all the time 2
We cant live in the light all the time 4
We cant live in the light all the time 5
We cant live in the light all the time 6
We cant live in the light all the time 7
We cant live in the light all the time 8
Many Faces of Football
Bell Jar - X
Sea Slight
Green Wave
After The Rain
Juggling Heads
On Either Side of the Lake
Swimming in the Sun
One Man Band
Lake View Cottage
The Stair Hole
From One to the Other
Between the Two
Large Fragment
Chaldon Down
Cley Twilight
Cley Marshes
Blakeney Evening
Elle 32
Blue and Pink
A Grey Green Sea
London Life
Front Row
Elle 28
Elle 29
Elle 30
Elle 31
Crack Of Dawn
Elle 1
Elle 23
Elle 24
We cant live in the light all the time 3
Elle 26
Elle 27
Light yellow ochre volts
Titanate yellow and light cyan volts
Light cyan and violet grey volts
Three Graces c.1970
Porthmeor Beach
St. Ives
This Way
A Little Lie Down
What Happened Next
Grey Jug
Cornflower Blue Bowl
Light Grey Bowl
Necklace - Champagne, black oval.
Necklace - Beaten gold disk
Cufflinks - Moon cloud design
Earrings - Moon cloud design medium
Earrings - Moon cloud design medium
Earrings - Turquoise, white squares with gold balls
Brooch - Oval pink and mint.
Earring stud - Flower circles
Earring stud - Arc circles
Earring stud - Black Heart
Earring stud - Blue mark
Earring stud - Red mark
Earring stud - Silver lilac oval
Earring stud - Olive oval
Earring stud - Bright blue arch
Earring stud - Black Circle
Earring stud - Lime Circle
Earring stud - Silver lilac circle
Medium Teapot
Small Teapot
Medium Blue Jar
Tiny Mixing Bowl
Badger in the Barrow
Three Days
Three Weeks
Naked raku Large Moon Jar
Copper Wash Bottle Medium
Naked raku medium Moon Jar
Copper Wash Bowl
Crow Boy
The Man in the Brown Suit
Otterhead, yellow variation
Man, Dove, olive branch
Man, Dove, olive branch II
Boy with rebec
Walking the dog
The far horizon
Singing the blues, stained glass
Migration - Autumn
Big Sur, amber
Big Sur, deep orange
Big Sur, black
Shadow, small, bright green
Lean In, amber
Early Afternoon
Late Afternoon
From the East
Unconditional positive regard
Conversion (Rugby)
Rugby Scrum
Ice Hockey
Platform Talk
Cotton Blue
The Man in a Brown Suit
Rustic Still Life
Hurrah Hairy
Tempo Raccolto
Roundel II
Near Haytor
Out of the Ashes
Empty Nest
Gap Year
My Father Myself II
BG Coffee Studio Cafe Selva 250g Ground Coffee
Co Donegal-Near Kilcar
Silver Wave Ring
Isle of Skye-In The Foothills of the Cuillins
Winter Lament
Snail Race
Rising Lament
Ad Infinitum-Flood
Ad Infinitum
Crack Of Dawn
Poor Britannia
Britannia on the Move
Don't Blame It On The Boogie
Sgt Pepper
Espresso Cup and Saucer
Tiny Jug
Elle 10
Elle 11
Large Blue Platter
Tiny Jug
Espresso Cup and Saucer
Medium blue and gold vase
Small Round Bowl With Lines
Small Round Bowl With Lines
Small Round Bowl With Lines
Elle 12
Elle 13
Elle 14
Elle 16
Elle 20
White Tea Bowl
Small Round Bowl With Lines
Large Bottle Vase
The Beach at Budleigh
Heavy Weight sterling silver bangle
Extra Heavy Weight sterling silver bangle
Pebble Stud Drop Earrings
Large Dished Dark Limpet and Pearl Studs
Large Bright Closed Limpet Stud Earrings
XL Light Eroded oyster Rings
Large Light Eroded oyster Rings
Picnic in Hepworth's Garden
Elle 1
Elle 2
Elle 3
Elle 4
Elle 5
Elle 6
Elle 7
Elle 8
Elle 9
Crisis? What Crisis
Elle 37
Devon-Purple Rock Strata
Co Kerry-Brilliant Light at Dooneen Harbour
Provence-Mont St Victoire
Venice - Ochre Reflections
Otter Valley-Barley Heads 1
Otter Valley-Barley Heads 2
Provence-The Hill Town of Gordes
Venice-Studies on the Piazza
Venice-Fish Market
Investigating Boats
Boats and Coots
Provence-Over the Rooftops of Bonnieux
Venice-Late Evening Along the Riva Schiavoni
Venice Santa Maria della Salute from the Riva Schiavoni
Co Donegal-Three Studies Along the Coast
Provence-The Circus Camel
Transylvania-Hayricks and Barns Near Zalanpatak
Transylvania-Farm Garden at Zalanpatak
Sicily-Vibrant Landscape in the Madonie Mountains
Devon-Lone Seagull on the Rocks at Hartland
Large Bottle Vase
Starry Night Cactus Bowls
Starry Night Cactus Bowl
Heron Platter
Raised Centre Dish
Raised Centre Dishes
Copper Wash Bowl Large
Andy Warhol's Dog
Venice - The Blue Boat
Sicily - Autumn in the Madonie Mountains
Towards the Slopes
Dinner Plates
Atlantic Breakers
Turned Wood Table and Bottles
Turned Wood Table and Bottles II
Johnson Gets Another Dog
The Boris Bounce
Boris does his Best!
Same Old, Same Old...
Johnson Gets It Off With Parliament
Godrevy Point
Cliff Wall
Wave Line
Field Edge
Moonlit Heron Large Bowl
Lilac Body Piece 3
Large white body bowl with line.
Medium white body bowl with line.
Copper Wash Moon Jar Large
Copper Wash Bottle Small
Copper Wash Bottle Medium
Copper Wash Tall Vase
A Melton Mowbray Porky Pie.
Fresh White Spring
Dream Garden 11
Hot Spring Path
Room for a mean Martini
Another bad night out on Sauage Street
Shades of Grey, Cerulean Blue
Shades of Grey, Light Blue
Elle 35
Border Mist
Dark Grey Garden San Carigol
Light Blue Garden Seat with Violet Stalks
Pink Beach Towel
Pink Cava Lily
San Carigol 32
Dream Garden 9
Black Circle
Development of a Square Blue
Malaga Blue and Orange
Orange and Blue Space
A Winter's Tale
Mara's Daughter
Northern Light
Cross jets and Crane
Cloudburst over the Moor
Quarry and Stormclouds
Brittania and John Bull take a step backwards.
Animal Farm
Driveaway Johnson… as recommended by D.Trump.
Farmyard Election 2019
Copper Wash Moon Jar Medium
Copper Wash Medium Vase
Naked Raku Large Bottle
Espresso Cup and Saucer
Sun Up Newlyn
Bamboo + Blackbird
The Parliament of the Long Noses
Wedding Voucher
Small Mooncloud Pendent
Tiny Pendent Black and White With Two Gold Dots
Tiny Pendent Mint With Two Gold Dots
Tiny Pendent Large White Heart
Tiny Pendent Silver Lilac Heart
Circles Ring
Wedding Voucher
Wedding Voucher
Earrings - Moon cloud design Dark
Star Bangle
Necklace - LOVED tag large gold
Seashore Shapes
Six Geese
The Cranberries - Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
The Fauves Picnic
A Spot of Brown Windsor Soup
Healing Garden
Wedding Voucher
100 Sources of Pop Art
Sea Slight
Atlantic Roller
A Summer Wind
The Republican Candidate
The Great Escape
Loved Bangle Large (Please Check For Availability)
Studs-Bright Blue Gold Dots
Earrings - Large Domed Silver Grey Studs
Mooncloud Cufflinks
Silver Lilac Bangle Heart In Box
Bangle Gold Kiss
Loved Chain Bracelet
Black Heart Pendant
White Heart Necklace
Black Heart Pendant
Jaiper Junction
High and Low - Naples and Scarborough
The Boiling Pot
Catching the light
Morning Light
Living Near The Airport
The Beech Wood I
The Beech Wood II
On The Shoulders Of Giants
Shiant Garbh Eileen (2010)
Sentinel 1
Sentinel 2
Out There
BG Coffee Studio Cafe Selva 250g Ground Coffee
BG Coffee Studio Cafe Selva 250g Ground Coffee
BG Coffee Studio Cafe Selva 250g Ground Coffee
Blackbird in the Snow - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Christmas Cat - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Christmas Lights with Dogs - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Fun in the Snow - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Herons in Snow - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Lady of the Snows - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Learning As We Go - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Seated Hare in the Snow - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Travelling Light - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Christmas Cat - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Christmas Lights with Dogs - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Fun in the Snow - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Herons in Snow - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Lady of the Snows - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Learning As We Go - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Seated Hare in the Snow - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Travelling Light - Multipack of 15 Christmas cards
Rainbow Espresso Cup
Rainbow Espresso Cup
Rainbow Espresso Cup
Rainbow Espresso Cup
Rainbow Espresso Cup
Rainbow Wide Mug
Rainbow Wide Mug
Rainbow Wide Mug
Rainbow Wide Mug
Rainbow Tall Mug
Rainbow Tall Mug
Rainbow Tall Mug
Rainbow Tall Mug
Rainbow Tall Mug
Rainbow Medium Mug
Rainbow Medium Mug
Rainbow Medium Mug
Rainbow Medium Mug
Rainbow Medium Mug
Beside the Seaside
Beside the Seaside
Beside the Seaside
Into the Wild
Into the Wild
Silver Grey domed studs ZM544
Gold Leaf Flower Studs
Antique Silver Ring With Gold Detailing
Solid Silver Shell Earrings
Solid Silver Zig Zag Rings
Textured Silver Ring With Inset Diamond Fragments
Teardrop Cufflinks
Silver Flower Earrings
Two Piece Diamond Ring
Dunwich Dynamo
Mr Mellow Vello
Shadow Dancer
Burnt Orange Domed Studs (Right)
Olive Domed Studs (Left)
Black Star Star Broach
Silver Grey Domed Studs (left)
Chasing Pack
Ski Cross
Riverside Race
Olympic Swimmers
Olympic Sailing
Rowing Against the River
Head to Head
In Pursuit
Jam Packed
Hopes and Dreams
One Final Push
Rowers II
Cox's Eye View
Olympic Velodrome
Hockney's Dog - An Even Bigger splash
Otter Head
Des Res
Red Melange
Jaipur Junction
By The Light Of The Moon
Summer Shorelines
Cyril Power's Dog
Crystal Gazing
Orange & Red Facets
Hala Sultan Tekke, Larnaca
Rainbow Bowl
Rainbow Green Bowl
Rainbow Bowl
Aphrodite's Rock
Self Portrait
Welcome to London
St. Ives
La Coupee, Sark
Not on the Intinerary
Dog Show
Another Cat Show
Released from the Ark
Spetchells - Gathering Places
Donkey Sanctuary
Holding Out
Rebuilding Berlin
No Mans Land
Sumburgh Head
Wheelhouse, Jarlshof
St. Kilda Blue
The Time, The Money, The Freedom
"Flash", "Spider" and "Donkey"
Narrowdale Farm
Who Killed This Woman? (A man who said he loved her)
Ramshaw Rocks
Saxon Cross
Lavafield Causeway
Turf Farm
Surgical Procedure, Scatness
Pistyll Rhaeadr
Plas Newydd
Mrs Aesop
Castell Carreg Cennen
San Gimignano
In The Ring
The Missing Rider
Tottle Brook
An Evening Song
A Kite In Time
Gold Beaten Studs/Turquoise
Gold Beaten Studs/Mint
Trans Red Gold Dot Studs
Pink Domed Studs Large
Midnight Blue Domes Studs Large
Mint Domed Studs Medium
Pale Pink Domed Studs Medium
Champagne/Black Oval Pendent
Bright Blue Wobble
Orange Circle
Pink Heart
Orange Mark
White Circle
Blue Tiny Mark
Blue Circle/Beaten Gold Oval
I'm Bored
Desperate Dan - Dress-Up as a Clown
Holbein's Dog
In the Park
Crest of a wave
Our Missing Piece
That Friday Feeling
I Found It
Rainbow Wide Mug
Rainbow Wide Mug
Rainbow Wide Mug
Rainbow Wide Mug
Rainbow Tall Mug
Rainbow Tall Mug
Rainbow Tall Mug
Rainbow Tall Mug
Budleigh Salterton
All the World's a Stage
The serpentine autumn after brueghel
Zoos of London
Out of the harbour
Yesnaby Gold
Moy Bank
Lacken Cross
Red Sky
Autumn Sierra
Dancing Clouds-Greenwich
A Few Lines From Porthmeor
On the Side of the Park
Hanging Out
Rain Day Patterns Of Fractured Light
Diving in Light
Blue Runner
Norman Ackroyd CBE, RA, ARCA, RE, MA
Anita Klein
Mychael Barratt PRE
Rachel Anne Grigor
Heidi Koenig
Sir Peter Blake
Terence Millington
Sonia Rollo
David Hockney
Donald Hamilton Fraser RA
Mary Cossey
Kathleen Caddick
Deborah Treliving
Mike Tingle
Susie Perring
Feliks Topolski RA
Yvonne Cole
Francis Kelly
Henry Moore
Joan Miró
Chris Orr MBE RA
Bernard Dunstan RA
Pam Pebworth RWA
Wolfgang Zelmer
Sir Terry Frost
Anthony Frost
Trevor Price RE
Pat Keel-Diffey
Frans Wesselman RE
Brian Hanscomb RE
Julia Manning RE
Louise Scammell
Jeffery Edwards
Sir Quentin Blake CBE RDI HRWS
David Tindle RA
Brendan Neiland
Richard Spare
Stella Maris
Dame Elisabeth Frink
Julian Trevelyan
Marc Chagall
Henri Matisse
Simon Ripley
David Lintine
Louise Davies
Bridget Riley
Elizabeth Rashley
Salvador Dali
Ann d'Arcy Hughes
John Bellany RA
Peter Coker RA
Cathy King
Alison Wilding RA
Neil Anderson
Canns Down Press
Sheila Stafford
Sandra Blow RA
Maurice Cockrill
Joe Tilson
Tom Phillips CBE RA
Eileen Cooper RA
Lynn Bailey
Pablo Picasso
John Patrick Reynolds
Jenny Deveraux
Barton Hargreaves
Alan Cotton
Mark Hearld
Clare Curtis
Alistair Grant RA
John Hoyland RA
Tim Mara
Bruce McLean
Zsuzsi Morrison
Steve Whitford
StormStudios (after Thorgerson) Storm Thorgerson
Gail Brodholt RE
Colin Moore
Martin Ridgwell RE
John Gledhill
Francesco Parisi
Kerry Hastings
Barbara Hepworth
Martin Langford RE
Sue Brown
Paula Rego
Chris Salmon
Bill Jacklin RA
Brian Rice
Ann Bruford
Sally-Ann Crowe
Jessie Brennan
Niall Naessens
E J Wilson
Colin See-Paynton
Gary Goodman
Kathryn Matthews
Brad Faine
Michael Craig Martin
Damien Hirst
Ben Carbonnel Lofts
Herme Bellido
Emma Molony
Gerard Hemsworth
Patrick Hughes
Barbara Rae
Sara Lee
Nana Shiomi RE
Kunio Kaneko
Tokitoh Ayako
Scott Campbell
Amanda Popham
Theresa Edwards
Pine Feroda
Laurel Keeley
Chitra Merchant
Gerald Laing
John Buckland-Wright
Joe Webb
Henrik Simonsen
John Marshall
Malcolm Law
John Simpson
Stephen Chambers RA
Peter Lee
Nick Hannan
Míla Fürstová
Lucie Bennett
Breon O'Casey
Guler Ates
Simon Lawson
Lucy Farley
Dan Baldwin
Anne Desmet RA
Bryony Rich
Fred Cuming
Sally Dunham
Andy Lovell
Henrietta Dubrey
Justine Smith
Paul Cleden
Lisa Takahashi
Kate Schuricht
Lucian Freud
RB Kitaj
Frank Auerbach
Svend Bayer
Edwina Ellis
Roy Willingham
John Duffin
Grayson Perry
Ben Nicholson
Catherine Cartwright
Antony Gormley
Steve Clarkson
Martin Procter
Vanessa Gardiner
Anita Reynolds
Karen Keogh RE
Andrew Pavitt
Phil Greenwood
Rebecca Gouldson
Sara Bor
Stephen Jacobson
Mary Mabbutt
Gina Parr
Merlyn Chesterman
Justine Jenner
Trish Phillips
Bob Devereux
Felicity Mara
Laura Boswell
Luke Frost
Rachael Kantaris
Paul Huxley
Mick Rooney RA
Patrick Heron
William Scott
Abi Higgins
Hilary Paynter
Sara Hayward