If you would like us to frame an unframed print...

You will see on the web-site that many of our pictures are already framed. Where this is the case, we have chosen a frame which brings out the very best of the art within it, however, for those prints which are not framed, you have the option of having it delivered as it is or asking us to frame it for you, prior to dispatch. Please note that this service means that our shipping time might extend up to 25 days

If however you are sending a picture as a gift, or you would prefer us to frame for you, then please place your order by telephone so that we can discuss your specific requirements.  Our frames are handmade by one of the UK's most reputable workshops, Daniel Winter framing.

If you would like us to take a print out of it's frame...

We have found in our years of selling pictures that most people have a local framer, or know of one and are happy to go and discuss the framing requirements directly with them. If you see a print on the web-site that is already framed and you would prefer to frame it yourself, for a small handling fee of £10 we will take it out of its frame and send it to you as is. We will need to take off the price of the frame however so please call us to place such an order.