The Website

We have based the website on the style and artistic integrity that has been so important to the gallery over the last ten years. The link between the Devon galleries and the online gallery is key to us - which is why we have developed a system which synchronises both galleries simultaneously. Please bear in mind though that those prints available on the internet are not always physically in the Devon gallery, but apart from in EXTREME circumstances if on the web-site are always available. Once a print is purchased, it automatically disappears from the site until we know that we have sourced another one (if the edition is still in print!)

'bringing pictures to life'

Our focus is to bring the pictures to life, by telling you a little more about the artist than you perhaps already know, and providing you with information about the techniques used. The Website will also allow you to see your chosen picture in a room setting, so that you can visualise it in proportion to typical furnishings.

'established artists'

Today the gallery focuses on selling original prints and original paintings and sculpture from artists who are established in their field. Our artists range from the Great Masters, eg. Picasso, Dali, Miro today's artists who are celebrated in the public eye; such as David Hockney, Norman Ackroyd, Chris Orr, Sir Peter Blake together with many other artists who have developed an excellent reputation for their work.

There is a wide range of subject matter from the intellectually challenging to detailed representational work and we give you the opportunity to search for your ideal print by whatever criteria is the most important to you.

In creating the online gallery we hope we have given you what you require to make the best possible decision about your purchase. We have also given you the opportunity to give us feedback, so that we can continue to provide you with an interesting and stimulating selection.

'good to do business with'

Our main objective is to deal with our artists and customers with complete integrity and to provide an efficient service that will be of benefit to all. We will also constantly be on the lookout for new ideas in terms of stock and presentation that will form a foundation for our growth.