Rachel Anne Grigor

Born: 1960

Rachel Anne Grigor

Rachel Grigor was born in Bath, Somerset and achieved a degree in Fine Art from Goldsmith's College, London University and a post graduate in printmaking from the University of Brighton. Her subject matter is both figurative and landscape. 'My considerations are our 'fragile' relationship with nature'. Myth and symbol are explored as a means of identification with the world. I am interested in play, comedy, mystery and the possibilities of dance and its roots in communication'. Composition is key to my work, where a balance of weight of colour and expression of line is explored to portray the essence of the subject matter. Often the aim is for an economic use of line and colour. In practice the work is both observational and abstract.

Rachel's favourite medium is etching, about which she writes 'The process of etching allows a variety of mark making and makes provision for the accidental. At each stage of the process new judgements have to be made. On the other hand the monoprint is more immediate and therefore closer to drawing and painting. However, like etching, for me the challenges are in its limitations where selection is direct and intuitive. The result entertains an element of surprise.' Rachel's work has received broad acclaim. and is displayed in many collections throughout the UK, America, Switzerland, Holland, Japan and Australia.

Rachel has had numerous solo exhibitions over the years. She has exhibited in national and international open print exhibitions including more recently the National Open Print Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery, London, 2016, and East Midlands Open,2016, and the Royal Academy Summer exhibition, 2013. Her work is in many collections in this country and abroad including featuring in Film and TV productions for example in:

Love Actually written and directed by Richard Curtis, (Working Title), 2003 (Man and Sea)

Cold Lazarus written by Dennis Potter -Channel 4 and BBC 1 collaboration, 1996 ( Sea nude)

The Wild House -BBC Children's drama by Jean Buchanon, 1997 (Sun nude)

Black Earth Rising-written and directed by Hugo Blick-BBC and Netflix, 2018 (On the side of the park)

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