Rod Walker

Born: 1949

Rod  Walker Rod  Walker

1949 - Born West Kirby Cheshire.

1961 - Epsom College of Art. Studied Painting and Sculpture.

Travelled in Europe and North Africa.

1970 -Moved to West Penwith, Cornwall. 

1971 - Studio in Botallack. Working local farms, the building trade, Geevor Tin Mine, inshore and deep-sea fishing.

1979 - working from a Penwith Gallery studio St Ives.

1983 - Travelled in Italy to study Icon painting

1985 - Teaching Penzance School of Art.

1987 - First visit to India.

1989 - Teaching Falmouth College of Art. Artists in Primary Schools. Community Arts Projects.

1994 -  Falmouth College of Art research award to India to study Hinduism.

1997 - Travelled extensively with family in India, Nepal and Thailand.

Currently living in Penzance. Studio near Penzance.

"My painting is figurative, that is, its roots and inspirations are to be found in the world around me. I use simple themes and subjects. I try not to copy reality, but rather establish a relationship with it – altering and developing the colours, shapes and meanings to allow a deeper understanding of the image.My concerns are many and varied. I simply attempt to produce the works which seem most important to me at the time.”

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