Paul Benyovits

Born: 1964

Paul Benyovits

As a young surfer Paul travelled to Australia, New Zealand and Africa in search of waves. Looking further than the shoreline, he began to take an interest in the local communities and their art. He found living with Aboriginal people particularly formative.

While living in the South of France in the mid 90’s Paul studied the work of Matisse and Picasso and it was here that he started painting and had his first exhibition.

As part of his first solo exhibition Paul produced two sculptures, these lead to commissions and he has since then concentrated on his three dimensional work.

Paul has exhibited his work at the Sussex Home of the late Roland Penrose and Lee Miller alongside pieces by Moore, Picasso and Armitage. He has had commissions from a variety of private and corporate clients in the UK and USA.

Since moving to Cornwall Paul has been transforming half an acre of wilderness into his own sculpture garden.

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