Drafting by Lisa Takahashi

Title Drafting
Artist Lisa Takahashi (i)
Medium Linocut (i)
Numbered 1/30
Size (WxH)  153 x 86cm
Framed No
Ref. No 23885
Price: £1300.00


A large scale masterpiece by Lisa Takahashi.  The dimensions are of the framed 3 panel piece.  In Lisa's words 'Drafting' is a development of an earlier print, 'Echelon'. The design is abstracted, but based on a group of road cyclists. I wanted to see how far I could push the sense of geometry while still keeping the design readable. In contrast to the sense of strength lent by the composition's sharp edges and uncompromising shapes, I wanted to use delicate colours on Japanese Hosho paper, which in itself is very strong despite being a very thin and delicate looking paper. The power of the group of cyclists and the speeds they can achieve is only as a result of the cyclists drafting, keeping close to one another, and this co-dependency is something I find very interesting and inspiring'.