Lucie Bennett

Lucie Bennett

Lucie Bennett gained a BA from Manchester Metropolitan University in Interactive Arts, graduating in 1997. She also studied at L’Ecole Regionale des Beaux-Arts de Nantes in France. Since 2001 she has exhibited widely, including several times in New York, at the prestigious Armory Show among others, as well as a solo exhibition of new work in London in 2011. Bennett’s interest in the female form has taken her to a new dimension in her latest series of works. Retaining a female sensuality reminiscent of her earlier works, she uses line, shape and colour to glorious effect.

During study visits to make drawings at the Botanical Gardens at Kew, Lucie Bennett discovered uncanny similarities between plant forms and the occasionally florid structures of the body's internal organs. Many of the recent works began as drawings and collages inspired by these visits, and the resulting imagery is visceral and vaguely hallucinogenic. These new works are rich in enigmatic patterning, executed using bold colour combinations. Tubular, colonic shapes elide with what look like stylised fallopian tubes; fractal borders between lakes of contrasting colours switch between figure and ground and back again. 

Her work is on permanent display in London's Groucho Club, and she has been commissioned to create work for Selfridges and House of Fraser. Bennett's Wink adorned a Porsche at Silverstone in 2005 and her work has been featured on the BBC’s The Apprentice and The Culture Show. Popular prints by Lucie Bennett include Pink Knickers, Red Felt Tip Girl, Green Felt Tip Girl and Thundercloud.

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