Peter Vernon

Peter VernonPeter Vernon

Peter has developed his own style and is self-taught. He balances an understanding of the properties of wood with his appreciation of flowing lines and form. His work reflects his love of nature his inspiration.

He works entirely with locally sourced British Hardwoods that usually come from ecologically managed woodlands, hedging and casualties of storms. Peter likes to be involved in every process from sourcing the timber to producing the final piece.

Spalted beech and yew are his particular favourites- spalted wood for the unexpectedness of the patterns and yew for its warmth and wonder. His work is continually evolving and shows his eye for form and a natural feel for wood.

Peter lives and works in East Devon and is a member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen and the South West Sculptors Association. His work can be seen in a few selected galleries and at exhibitions in the South West.


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